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DRM has till date offered its services to the following industries:
The mentioned graph shows our work area in terms of percentages. We have segmented our work in different categories.
Our major interest areas are : IT, Automobile, Construction, Engineering, Media, Hospitality and textile.

We are catering our services to other industries too. Our targeted near future goal is to grow our business in all the said industries and we will well come any good business from any industry domain worldwide. We are capable to cater for a wide spectrum of needs in any domain and region. As of now we are working for our clients in India, Nigeria and UAE.

We have worked for the following industries:
  Automobile   Information Technology   Engineering
  Retailing   FMCG   Consumer Durables
  Chemicals   Power   Pharmaceutical
  Telecom   Process & Infrastructure   Turnkey Projects
  Real Estate   Construction   Steel
  Lubricants   Oil & Gas    
DRM Offers your organization an efficient and cost-effective way to meet your staffing needs. Our services include recruitment of chief executives, senior managers, department directors, division heads, and key professional and technical staff. Working in partnership with your governing body or selection team, we develop a customized search strategy that considers the following:
  Organizational mission, goals and values
  Long-term vision
  Current organizational challenges
  Unique organization dynamics and culture
  Key responsibilities and priorities, as well as management expectations
  Qualifications, competencies, and personal qualities
Our experienced consultants apply in-depth knowledge of Market, programmes, technology and services to evaluate these parameters and to clearly identify the type of individual you are seeking. The search process then focuses on locating and offering qualified candidates who match your unique needs. Our final evaluation process will eventually culminate in a successful placement.
Our Major Functional Areas in Placements:
Permanent Staffing           Click to Know More
Permanent staffing is assuming great importance in the human resource strategy of every company today. Rightly so, as an organization that is equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run. We choose candidates who would like to grow with you and your organizational culture. We provide our services for permanent staffing on a minimal fee. We closely examine the candidate against your set values and organizational culture.

Contract Staffing           Click to Know More
If your company has experienced difficulties in seasonal work loads, wants to gain access to specialized professionals or increase control over costs, financial contr act candidates may be the answer. We source such excellent talent for you for your short term contracting needs. We examine the candidatesí skills and his abilities to complete the work in a limited time frame.

Sourcing           Click to Know More
DRM consultants are expert in profile sourcing. In this kind of service you will get all the qualified resumes with valid contact details. The rest of the process would be up to you. This kind of service is useful in bulk hiring, your exclusive job fairs and recruitments drives. We do deep resume screening and verify the contact details of the candidates. Finally, you get the qualified resumes in an adequate number.

Recruitment Drives           Click to Know More
We offer our well equipped infrastructure for your recruitment drives. Our expertís team is well qualified and trained in interview co-ordination. On request, we can arrange desired number of qualified candidates at our premises to be interviewed by the client's interviewing panel. This is helpful in given conditions:
  When you are hiring outstation candidates and want to interview them in Mumbai and Pune location.
  Your premises are pre-occupied, or you do not want to disturb the routine activities over there.
  You want to call your prospective candidates in a central location of the Pune city.

What so ever reason would be we are providing the said facility to our client at no cost.

Industry/Organizational Analysis           Click to Know More
On demand, we provide Industry based human resources report. We also offer our services in this category to the following areas:
Manpower survey: We provide an analytical report whenever you need it regarding man power availability in certain domain/industry according to role and designation.
Employee satisfaction analysis: When you want to know whether your personnel are satisfied with the organizational culture and values. This aspect is critical for every organization. Our report will play a major role in drafting your employee retention policy.
Salary survey: Are you paying your employees as per the industry standard or less than that? Do you need to review your salary structure? All you can decide if you have enough data with you. We do provide salary survey reports based on industry and designation.
Training need analysis: On request, we conduct Personal Interview of your employees to know his training need areas. We make a consolidate report for your employees' training needs. Based on the report we provide our recommendation for major training requirements.

Background/Reference Check           Click to Know More
Our Consultants will confirm your preferred candidates' education, employment and will contact the listed references. If you need we can do the full background check too.

Project Recruitment           Click to Know More
When you are in hurry to fill up your positions in no time. You need a complete team right from Programme managers/Project managers to executives. DRM is there to help you out. We take such kind of recruitment projects on high priority and complete the task within the set time frame.

Training and Development           Click to Know More
Col L S Chadha himself is a trainer with vast experience in both the Armed Forces and in the corporate world. He would be available to cater too all your training needs for your junior and middle level managers, This training could be within your own company or at a selected venue based on your needs or even for any team working exercise, outdoor training in natural surroundings away from any kind of disturbance to bring out valuable lessons and advantages of working in teams and groups.